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Welcome to Riding Holidays in GREDOS MOUNTAINS & EXTREMADURA

Jerebeque Trails offers you an unforgettable riding holidays in the last-remaining unspoilt regions of Spain: SIERRA DE GREDOS & EXTREMADURA

Riding Holidays in Spain

SIERRA DE GREDOS, in the stony heart of Castile, is an excellent location for an unforgettable equestrian holiday in Spain.

EXTREMADURAexclusive destination for riding holidays in the South of Spain.  It is an authentic paradise for riding holidays due to the excellent state of preservation of its nature and good climate. Wood pasture (Dehesa) is the most emblematic landscape of the region and plays a crucial role in the great diversity of birds, is also a paradise for enjoying the interesting cultural and historical World Heritage Sites.

Both regions are traditionally related through the ancient culture of transhumance, we keep our family tradition moving our own horses from the Winter pastures in the South (EXTREMADURA) to the Summer and Autumn pastures northern in SIERRA  DE GREDOS. 

SERENE HORSES, as the result of an excellent natural horsemanship, will make you feel an immediate connection with them.

You will enjoy the pleasure of equestrian vacations in Spain either if you are an experienced traveler or not.

You will discover one of the most recondite and austere geographies of Spain with amazing landscapes, refined cuisine to delight any gourmet and incursion into our culture and traditions that will make your trip an experience you would like to share and repeat.





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