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The Horses

Horses Riding Holidays Spain

Our PRE and pure Hispano-Arab horses are born, brought up and tamed by us in our own stables. They have an excellent character and have been trained and adapted to Gredos's natural way. They are resistant and safe in the stony paths of Gredos's mountains and fast in the flat and sandy glens of the valleys in central Spain.

They are noble and have a good character as the Andalusians, rough and resistant as the Arabs and are excellent companions for a few fantastic riding holidays in Spain.

Most of them are of a beautiful gray colour like the tradition in Spain, and their sizes is between 15 ½ hands and 16 ½ hands, a perfect size for this area.

We use very comfortable English saddles of general use for riders, which are well adapted to the back of the horses. Also, we use silicon seat savers and light saddle bags.

Our horses can be mounted with snaffle or rubber pelham or simply with a head collar, thanks to a natural excellent taming, which makes possible that our horses are the best companions for a few unforgettable equestrian vacations in Spain.
We are very proud of our horses and you will feel the same.

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