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Conquistadors ride/ EXTREMADURA

7days/ 6 nights/ 5 days riding/ Trujillo (Extremadura) is a Spanish city located in the province of Cáceres, in the Extremadura region; famous for its monuments. It was the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro and his brothers, conquerors of Peru, as well as of Francisco de Orellana, who accomplished the first descent of the River Amazon.

Pizarro's equestrian statue stands in the Plaza Mayor (Main Square), is one of the most important monuments together with the castle (old Arab fortress IX century) and the church of Santa María (XIII century).

Some Trujillanos went to America in XV century to discover new places after the discovery of America. When they come back, they built majestic palaces near the Plaza Mayor and surrounds, most of them can be visited today. Francisco Pizarro came back and helped enrich his family in the Plaza Mayor. His daughter from an Incan princess returned at 18 to marry her uncle and lived the rest of her life in Trujillo as a lady of great estate.
EXTREMADURA it should be one of the interest to all nature lovers who are thinking of visiting this fascinating part of unspoilt Spain. Extremadura is considered one of the most important regions in Europe for birds it is among the most prized destinations for birdwatching enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world, drawn by the possibility of observing birds in natural habitats of great beauty and also of enjoying the interesting cultural and historical heritage of Extremadura.
It is without a doubt an authentic paradise due to the excellent state of conservation of its natural habitats, in which Mediterranean vegetation finds one of its best expressions. Wood pasture (dehesa) is the most emblematic landscape of the region and plays a crucial role in the great diversity of birds, as many species are closely associated with this valuable habitat. But this territory also brings together a great variety of habitats that make up a complex mosaic, from high mountain landscapes, passing through the extensive pasture lands of the peneplains, the dense Mediterranean forest formations that still cover the sides of many mountains and riverbanks.
Meeting point at Madrid Airport, transfer to Trujillo. Short visit to the town and then welcome dinner where we learn about the ride and region on the map.
Transfer from Trujillo to Herguijuela. Distribution of horses. Riding through the Dehesa, the Mediterranean forest, is considered the habitat most similar covered Extremadura thousands of years ago.  
Lunch in the countryside with excellent paella, cook for us.
Short afternoon to Garciaz. Night and dinner at small hotel. Time on the saddle 6 hours.
Beautiful views of the best preserved Mediterranean forests. The dominant species are the evergreen oaks, the holm or cork oaks and the deciduous oaks. 
Lunch in the countryside. Afternoon we cross the Villuercas mountains. Night and dinner at rural hotel, time on the saddle 6 hours.
We can enjoy the view over the impressive Villuercas landscape. On any day you can observe Vultures, Eagles, Azure-winged Magpies, Red-billed Choughs, Shrikes and Ravens.
Villuercas has been declared Geopark (UNESCO, 2011) because of its Cultural and Natural Heritage and, of course, the great geological value of its relief, with a lot of  interesting and visible geological elements. Very rural region, fields with stone walls. Lunch in the countryside. Afternoon fast, good canters. Night and dinner at nice rural hotel, time on the saddle 6 hours.
Good trots and canters in the morning by the Dehesa, Cattle can be seen everywhere. Cows, sheep, goats and iberic pigs still live in a way which is reminiscent of bygone days. 
In the afternoon fast good canters. Night and dinner at rural hotel. Time on the saddle 6 hours 
We will ride in Dehesa Extremeña with good and long trots and canters to return the beginning of the ride. We will spend the night at the same rural hotel than the first night.
Breakfast at hotel, departure at around 10 am. To be at Madrid Airport at 12.30 pm.  


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TRIP LENGTH The itinerarie is 6 nights, 5 days riding from Sunday to Saturday. The length of the ride it´s around 150 kms.

HORSES excellent Hispano arabs (andalusian arab cross) and andalusians horses (PRE), very well trained excellent character and very easy to ride

TACK We use English saddles with seat saver leather in excellent conditions, very confortables for horses and riders and small saddle bags

WEITGH LIMIT 90 Kgs / 198 Lbs

NUMBER OF RIDERS Min 1 to Max-usually 10

LEVEL OF RIDING Intermediate to experience riders


To make a booking enquiry please e-mail us at Payment is by PayPal,Bank transfer, or credit card, with 20 percent at the time of booking and the balance due not later 4 weeks before your holiday We do have a small charge for payment by PayPal.

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